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Creaform Engineering appoints Gabriel Boutet-Mathieu as new Business Development Manager

Creaform Engineering strengthens its growth and added-value strategies by promoting Gabriel Boutet-Mathieu, a field expert and experienced manager. Learn More

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Video Tero composting device: Leveraging Creaform Engineering’s expertise to elevate product development

Discover how Creaform Engineering's industrial design experts worked with Tero to improve the functionalities of an organic waste recycling solution ! Learn More

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Global Component Supply Shortage and Abrupt Cost Increase: The Challenges of Electronic and Electrical Design in the Time of COVID

Here are the challenges that awaited Creaform Engineering's electrical and electronics design team when developing the Tero product—the revolutionary alternative to composting. Learn More

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How Numerical Simulations helped Tero Reduce the Risks Associated with Product Development

Numerical simulations, companies can not only reduce the risk associated with new product development, but also shorten design time while validating the expected performance and uncovering potential issues. Learn More

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Creaform Engineering is named “Company of the Year – Services” at the Dunamis 2021 Gala

Creaform Engineering wins the "Company of the Year - Services" award, for the exceptional quality of the services offered and the remarkable performance of the company's overall management. Learn More

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