At Creaform Engineering, we are committed to your projects. We play a decisive role and ensure the success of your innovations. We are there no matter the size of the challenge and we celebrate every victory with you.

Our multidisciplinary team of more than 200 experts—strategic allies—who work closely with clients to achieve their goals in product development, industrial design, numerical simulation and industrialization.

We draw our expertise from the millions of hours of hard work we’ve done for a multitude of clients, in a multitude of industries. We carefully select each of our employees to provide the best expert service to bring your ideas to life. Whether you are facing excessive workloads, need to continue operations throughout the year, or a specific challenge, there is only one partner you need to depend on: Creaform Engineering.



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Improve product quality and speed up your time-to-market with our product development and industrial design services.



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No matter what engineering challenge need to address, harness the power and potential of Creaform’s engineering services.



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Creaform’s reliable and readily available FEA/CFD services enable manufacturers to optimize products, minimize the number of prototypes, validate design hypotheses, and ensure product certification with high industry standards.



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Looking for fresh ideas? Need to resolve an unusual issue? Want to validate your assumptions? Scrambling to fulfill critical positions due to unexpected work peaks, staff shortages or a lack of expertise?



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Custom comprehensive technical training services are your hassle-free solution to not only sustainably address your human capital training challenges but also improve your overall engineering productivity.