Are you working on a new project and lack the expertise for advanced surface modeling in-house? Do you have impressive concepts—but require the Class A surface modeling skills to take them to the next step?

Creaform’s team of surface modeling experts can quickly and accurately evolve your ideas into designs that are manufacturable and meet the highest standards.


Creaform is recognized as a leader in advanced surfacing services. Whether you are making a consumer or B2B products, our team of experts will can provide:

  • Class-A surface modeling
  • Concepts
  • Advanced surface modeling “Class A”;
  • 3D modeling from sketches, 3D scanned data, probing, etc.
  • Collaborative work with your industrial designer
  • Class-B surfacing (engineering-type)
  • Design modifications and optimization
  • Advanced surface modeling “Class A”;
  • 3D digital sculpting


Creaform has provided the manpower and know-how required to execute both complex and simple advanced surfacing mandates

Have Creaform’s team bring your concepts closer to reality.


Creaform has an extensive group of advanced surfacing professionals who can be outsourced for quick, short-term work or complex, long-term projects. Here are some of the positions that can be outsourced:

  • Advanced surfacing engineer
  • Advanced surfacing designer
  • Class A modeling experts


Whether you are an SMB or multi-national company, count on Creaform’s experts to train your staff on a variety of topics related to advanced modeling using CAD software and other industrial design software.

Our training programs come in a variety of packages and feature: theory, written exercises, hands-on practice, real-life case studies and much more!


Creaform’s entire engineering services team specializes in the world’s most often-used software solutions: