Creaform’s CFD engineers have years of experience in providing CFD consulting services for discerning manufacturers looking for best practices in numerical simulations.

Throughout your entire product development, product design or QC process, Creaform’s CFD consulting team can help you achieve aggressive product performance and quality levels by identifying ways to optimize your product designs and manufacturing methods. We are proud members of the International Association for the Engineering Modeling Analysis and Simulation Community (NAFEMS).



Using the latest CFD software, Creaform Engineering excels at all types of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations—no matter how complex or critical your project is:

  • Steady state and transient CFD simulations of internal/external liquid and gas flows
  • Optimal turbulence modeling approaches: RANS, URANS, RSM, LES, DES
  • Rotating equipment and moving bodies
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Multiphase and free surface flows
  • Analysis, design and optimization of immersed or surrounding components
  • Incompressible, transonic and compressible flows
  • Multiple reference frames, rotating and sliding interfaces, deformable meshes
  • Heat transfer and thermal modeling
  • Flow mixing


Our CFD experts have the ability to find practical solutions to tackle real industrial challenges. Their expertise in fluid mechanics and heat transfer makes CFD a highly profitable approach for our customers. Although our CFD services apply in all industries, the team has particularly delivered results in the following fields:

Building environments
Over the years, our expertise in the analysis of airflow, heat, humidity and contamination for sensible environments has created significant value for multiple building environment such as bio-pharma facilities, laboratories, industrial enclosures, warehouses, greenhouses, underground environments, server rooms and office buildings. Typical projects will usually target ventilation design, air quality, thermal comfort, humidity control or contaminant control. We have worked extensively on containment strategies for cleanrooms and laboratories, the configuration of refrigerated spaces, identifying gas leaks for assessment of explosive limits or workers’ exposure, improving thermal comfort in offices, and assessing indices of Indoor Air Quality (AIQ)

Heat management
Creaform Engineering uses CFD simulations to design, optimize, certify and troubleshoot heat dissipating products or thermal management systems.
Conjugate heat transfer simulations handle conduction, convection and radiation while accounting for the action of heat sinks, fans, heat exchangers, evaporators, heat shields, etc. We have worked on many projects to address electronic cooling, underhood thermal management, heat exchanger optimization, and the design of power electronics systems.

Some of our CFD staff come from the power generation sector and have long-standing experience in turbomachinery simulations. We work on a regular basis with dedicated methods such as pressure jumps, momentum sources, rotating reference frames, mixing-plane interfaces, sliding meshes, overset meshes, etc. We also have a proven track record in CFD applications related to hydraulics, hydrokinetic or wind turbine design, multistage pumps, and fans and blowers.

Food, pharmaceutical and medical processes
Processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry, and especially mixing, benefit greatly from CFD insights. Simulations of mixers for miscible and immiscible liquids, viscous emulsions, solid-liquid suspensions, and shear thinning fluids (non-Newtonian) help with a variety issues, such as inhomogeneous flow patterns and temperature, solid precipitation, prolonged mixing time and power consumption. Thermo-fluid simulations are also used for the cooling of exothermic chemical processes, or even for medical procedures involving heat transfer in human tissues.

Bluff body aerodynamics and wind engineering
External aerodynamics is a traditional application of CFD. Creaform Engineering has created virtual wind tunnels for sports aerodynamics, recreational vehicles, car racing and wind engineering. Our clients entrust us to conduct drag assessments for ground vehicles, ships or planes, validate wind loads on structures, ensure pedestrian comfort or predict snow buildup.


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Optimization of stirred tank

Manufacturers and operators in the food and pharmaceutical industries face several challenges regarding fluid mixing like inhomogeneous flow patterns, solid deposition, or prolonged mixing time. To overcome these challenges, Creaform Engineering uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to design or troubleshoot processing tanks, mixers, and all sorts of vessels. Our CFD team has analyzed numerous mixers for miscible and immiscible liquids, viscous emulsions and solid-liquid suspensions. Learn More

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Creaform Engineering has an extensive and multidisciplinary team of CFD analysis experts who can be outsourced for quick, short-term work or complex, long-term projects. Here are some of the positions that can be outsourced:

  • Junior CFD engineer
  • Senior CFD engineer


Whether you are an SMB or multi-national company, count on Creaform’s experts to train your staff on a variety of topics related to CFD analysis.

Our training programs come in a variety of packages and feature: theory, written exercises, hands-on practice, real-life case studies and much more!

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Creaform’s entire engineering services team specializes in the world’s most often-used testing and engineering software solutions:

MATLAB Simulink