We are proud to announce the deployment of our services for assessing the risks associated with industrial machines in America, Europe and the rest of the world after obtaining the certification for machine safety experts (CMSE® – Certified Machine Safety Expert). Given the importance of industrial safety and our expertise in the field, we strove to stay ahead of the curve and enhance our global visibility. The certificate is awarded to experts who successfully show a clear understanding—during both the training and examination—of risk assessment and standards related to machines, as well as their design, operation, commissioning, decommissioning and specifications.


In order to make the industrial sector an increasingly safer space for our partners, customers and workers around the globe, we leverage our expertise to demystify the applicable standards and ensure their implementation throughout the lifecycle of products and machines. Results include the design of safe equipment, risk prevention and mitigation, and the reduction of costs associated with material damage and bodily injuries, all thanks to ergonomics management, environmental parameters (noise, heat, radiation, electromagnetism, electricity, etc.) and safety devices.


Our team is now able to assemble complete technical reports reflecting the state of industrial safety on site, and implement measures to ensure machine compliance with the applicable standards, regardless of the region in which they will be operated. We can also support the development of in-house safety management systems with a focus on continuous improvement. And so, it is a rather comprehensive and robust process that can help you understand, apply and master standards and guidelines under ISO, ANSI, OSHA, NFPA, CSA and more. Besides, since it is not our first time around, we already conducted successful tests on industrial and robotic work cells.


Contact our team for all your needs in machine safety, risk and failure analysis, and development of machinery or lifting/material handling equipment.