The Creaform Engineering team recently attended the International Association for the Engineering Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Community’s 2019 NAFEMS World Congress, which took place in Québec City from June 17 to 20. The event was full of multi-faceted keynotes, training, workshops and round tables on every aspect of engineering modeling, analysis and simulation

It was a great opportunity for Creaform Engineering to network with peers, acquire new insight into the industry’s latest tools, software and methodologies, and showcase the team’s technical abilities in all areas of simulation. Experts from all over the world presented more than 400 papers.

Creaform Engineering took the ambitious bet of submitting 7, covering a wide range of subjects, from the behavior of air bearings to the response of bio-mechanical structures in multiple physics numerical simulations.

The Creaform Engineering team was thrilled to learn that Hugo Bastien, its Senior FEA Engineer, won the Best Practical Use of Simulation Technology Award for his paper, entitled Structural FEA Skeletal Muscle Model as a Means to Investigate Muscle Actuation and Dysfunction.  This prestigious award attests to Creaform Engineering’s pioneering track record in simulation and building strong predictive and high-precision engineering processes.


The award was also a nod to the team’s high volume of hard work on simulation projects with global business and research partners, such as BRP, Precitech, Novabus, Perseus Research Group, and so many more. The entire team came back from the event enlightened and stoked to take on even more simulation challenges!


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Creaform Engineering’s 2019 NAFEMS World Congress Papers

Streamlining the Design Process and Fine Tuning the Collapse Behavior of a Snowmobile Structure for Frontal Crash Tests: An Effective Use of Advanced Numerical Simulation
H. Bastien (Creaform), S. Vézina (BRP)

Migrating from 2D FEA to 3D CFD for the Modeling of Ultra-Precision Flat Pads Aerostatic Bearings
P. Vincent, H. Bastien (Creaform), A. Kamal, J. Roblee (Precitech)

CFD to Analyse Clean Environments
P. Vincent (Creaform)

Root Cause Failure Analysis Driven by Numerical Simulation
V. Lamontagne, P. Duval, H. Bastien (Creaform), J. Théroux (Nova Bus – Volvo)

3D Scanning and Geometric Tolerance Investigation in Support of a Tooling Failure Analysis Using Numerical Simulation
P. Duval, M. Lépine, W. Sirois (Creaform)

The Vibration Comfort Optimization of an Off-road Vehicle Using Finite Element
M. Bolduc, E. Poulin (BRP), H. Bastien (Creaform)

Structural FEA Skeletal Muscle Model as a Mean to Investigate Muscle Actuation and Dysfunction
H. Bastien (Creaform), M. Léonard, D. Rancourt (U. de Sherbrooke)

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