18 Avril 2022

Before working with Creaform Engineering, we had a proof of concept and a technology, but we still had to develop the product, so it could be mass-produced on an assembly line in just a few minutes.

The engineering experts helped us to develop our device to facilitate the assembly line production. We can say that since the early beginning, Creaform Engineering has been involved in the Tero product development.

It’s a one-stop shop for developing complex products, that includes plastic parts, mechanical, electric and electronical functions, as well as certification. In three to eight hours,

Tero recycle up to 95% of food waste into a natural and rich nutrient fertilizer. For this, we needed to design a product that was odorless, efficient, easy and safe to use, but also durable.

The Tero device grinds, heats and dries, and each of these functions brings its parts of challenges. Heating and drying, all the team got headaches to find a way for combining these 2 functions. But then when we got our solution, which is by the way, the subject of a Tero patent, we were able to drastically decrease the time of the cycle from 8 hours to 5 and even less.

One of the requirements that Tero has already highlighted is the no odor aspect of their product. We have got the help of the Creaform Engineering CFD department. Directly from our 3D models, the team has built a virtual lab and ran airflow simulation in order to equilibrate the odor maintained in the carbon filter.

These adjustments helped to reduce the cycle time and fan speed and save massive time in physical tests.

To create a product up to Tero standards, only 3 prototypes were needed, that represented an important time and cost saving for them.

Creaform Engineering teamed up with Tero’s collaborators to assemble prototype. Working in parallel, at both facilities, we were able to quickly deliver those units to beta testers.

We are proud that we have met all of the technological challenges from prototype to mass production, in partnership, with Creaform Engineering.