In today’s decentralized environment, in which parts can be manufactured at one location and assembled at another, incorporating material modifier symbols is part of a good GD&T definition. The addition of these symbols helps minimize the rejection of functional parts, reduces production costs, and most importantly of all, brings you closer to the true functional definition of the product. Although universal, these symbols are often misunderstood and under-used.

During this technical webinar our experts will present how to take advantage of GD&T Modifiers using concrete examples. We will also demonstrate how to integrate these symbols into our inspection software VXinspect.


What you will learn

  • The concept of bonus tolerance
  • The influence of material modifiers symbols on the development of inspection tools
  • How to correct parts qualified as out of tolerance in order to make them functional
  • How to use the minimum and maximum material symbols
  • The calculations behind datum simulators



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