Optimization of stirred tank


Manufacturers and operators in the food and pharmaceutical industries face several challenges regarding fluid mixing like inhomogeneous flow patterns, solid deposition, or prolonged mixing time. To overcome these challenges, Creaform Engineering uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to design or troubleshoot processing tanks, mixers, and all sorts of vessels. Our CFD team has analyzed numerous mixers for miscible and immiscible liquids, viscous emulsions and solid-liquid suspensions. Learn More

Car crash simulations on a highway gate


Versilis is specialized in innovative traffic control solutions to increase traffic operations’ safety and efficiency. They called upon Creaform Engineering’s Numerical Simulation expertise to help design a new retractable gate for vehicles on highways. The goal was to have a successful first impact certification tests using non-linear explicit simulations along with in-house experimental testing procedures. Learn More