Project Description


CLIENT : Olentia

INDUSTRY : Consumer goods



This project was carried out in collaboration with what would later become iDBeads, a family-owned business based in Montreal. The client was looking for a solution to address a common problem: ending the struggle of identifying headphones and charger cables that are all too similar. The idea of customizing and giving a personality to Apple cables with accessories—all while ending the issues related to mistakenly exchanged chargers and headphones—was what brought iDBeads to life.

Keeping in mind the user experience in the development process was what made all the difference. Enhancing user satisfaction through intuitive and thoughtful insights regarding the interaction between the user and the product was of paramount importance in the project.

Thanks to our rich experience in 3D modeling, plastic part design and graphic design, we came up with a complete and tailored solution for the client. We helped to develop a 3D prototype made from hand-sculpted color erasers and accompanied the client all the way up to the finished product.

The team also assisted the client in designing the logo, packaging, counter display, website, and online store. We also incorporated a marketing approach to the commercial presentations intended for potential distributors.

Our success in this project came from our innovative vision and ability to identify key elements that were at the core of the product’s personality.

See for yourself! iDBeads is more than just a product—it’s a creative experience!