Project Description


CLIENT : Les Pêcheries Marinard

INDUSTRY : Manufacturing




Given that multiple factors impact the raw material processed by the customer, the quality and yield of their finished products was variable. In order to achieve its objectives, the company, in partnership with Creaform Engineering, had to integrate automation systems, methods for analyzing environmental conditions and human productivity data, and various other innovations.

Business operations techniques were aligned with advanced pre-transformation quality control data, so the client can now benefit from rigorous, centralized planning – resulting in maximum return. Unlike systems that affect only a few facets of Industry 4.0, this integration made it possible to link operating conditions to output of the finished product, by aligning it with the condition of the raw material and its processing. Therefore, in addition to providing the expected benefits of rapid detection of stoppages due to breakdowns, it also enables real-time responsiveness, sending text messages to foremen and allowing them to act immediately upon the production in progress.

Thanks to the collection of mechanical and human productivity data, the client can now see the correlation between the pre-treatment time of living material, according to the zone and the fishing month, and identify trends pointing to the best moments for transformation according to the number of days since capture, the day of landing and the environmental conditions.

There are many advantages to this integration:

  • Precise machine cycle in synch with the raw material flow
  • Controlling and improving the output of finished products
  • human resources performance evaluation to add value to the processes, and improve the quality and taste of the product
  • Reduction of damage to the product during processing, which prevents downgrading of the finished product
  • Full product traceability from vessel to commercial packaging

In factories that process very large quantities of raw material, the resulting volume of data from this 4.0 integration provides access to an unparalleled level of planning. For our client, this can translate into substantial additional revenue. Yet another advantage of i4.0 integration.

Services provided

  • Database design
  • Integration of PLCs into databases
  • Development of human-machine interfaces
  • Development of queries and statistical tools
  • Reporting
  • Development of tools for traceability



  • Database management system
  • Management dashboard
  • Programming and integration with the Office suite