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Medical device product design2020-03-20T09:13:26-04:00

Project Description


CLIENT : Reichert Technologies

INDUSTRY : Advanced technologies



Reichert Technologies is a global leader in the design of high-quality diagnostic instruments and equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and retail eye care centers. To improve its product experience, it turned to Creaform Engineering’s industrial design experts to assist in revamping the design of an entire product line of vision testing equipment, which included the SightChek™ Digital Phoroptor®, LensChek™ Plus – Digital Lensometer®, OptoChek™ Plus – Auto Refractor + Keratometer, and ClearChart® 4 Digital Acuity System.

Creaform Engineering’s industrial design team carried out market research to modernize and harmonize Reichert’s equipment line with respect to the client’s brand DNA. Next, the team had to analyze each device’s mechanical components and assemblies as the designs had to be aligned with the current configurations—and not impact the products’ mechanical performance.

The team quickly developed multiple concepts for each product that took into account functional and ergonomic requirements. After each iteration, the concept was continuously refined based on Reichert’s feedback to achieve the design intent for each piece of equipment.


  • Exploration concepts
  • Concept development
  • Market analysis
  • Mechanical design
  • 3D modeling
  • Final designs



Based on the client’s needs, Creaform used the following tools and methods:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • SolidWorks
  • Catia

 We were very pleased with Creaform Engineering’s creativity, rigour and responsiveness. We were able to quickly launch a brand-new product line with the aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics to meet customer needs. Thanks to Creaform Engineering’s extensive industrial design expertise, Reichert Technologies was able to carry out its launch on time.

– Scott Parks, DVP-Engineering, Reichert Technologies